Gay Austrailia Specialists

gay Australia specialists


"No Worries Mate!"... is the Australian ready response when thanked for any casual kindness but more importantly it epitomizes the blissfully relaxed sensibility that makes Australia the perfect place to visit, especially for gay travelers.

Home of the world's largest gay and lesbian bash, the legendary Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australia welcomes her foreign gay visitors with open arms. The only decision left to you is what to do first! From the extravagant urban lures of Sydney to the unimaginable tropical beauty of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is waiting to romance you into its heart... and it will happen.

Your first visit will not be your last as you turn the unending pages of the book that is Australia.

This country's charm and love of Americans is found not only at the club-thumping, Adonis and Xena filled clubs of Oxford Street, but also in cultured Melbourne, culinary Adelaide, "out-back" Alice Springs and untamed Tasmania just to mention a few!
Adelaid country

For over twelve years, Above and Beyond Tours has specialized in sending travelers "Down Under". No one sends more gay American travelers to Sydney's Mardi Gras, providing the widest choice in accommodations and pre and post tours. Likewise, the 2002 Sydney Gay Games will prove to be the one of the largest Gay and Lesbian events to hit this planet and Above and Beyond Tours is prepared to take you there!

reef party "No Worries" will begin the moment you call our office to plan your vacation and you'll soon find out, that as far as Australia, "no worries" is not just a figure of speech, it's a way of life.